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90 MINUTES - $65

Transpersonal Crystal Healing is a healing modality that uses healing crystals as the natural healing tool that works with the whole person (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) on a vibrational level to explore any energetic imbalances within the body and energy field, and by taking action to balance and correct this energy in a natural, positive and healthy way.

The word "Transpersonal" means simply "Beyond the personality".

Put in another way, Transpersonal means to transcend the outer personality layers to seek what lies deeper within. Originating from Transpersonal Psychology, any form of Transpersonal Therapy (including Art Therapy and Counselling) aims at digging much deeper than our thin external personality layer and into the depths of our Emotional, Psychological and Soulful worlds to find resonance, truth and healing.

During a Transpersonal Crystal Healing Session you will experience the following:

• Crystal Counselling

• Essential Oil Selection (Optional)

• Spinal Alignment (Optional)
• 3rd Eye Massage (Optional)
• Aura Assessment

• Guided Relaxation
• Customized Crystal Layout
• Chakra Cleanse
• Chakra Charge
• Chakra Alignment
• Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki
• Aura Cleanse with Essential Oil Mist (Optional)
• Selenite Shield
• Grounding with Crystals

The benefits of Transpersonal Crystal Healing occur at different levels:

The deep relaxation that is created is an effective antidote to stress, anxiety or depression, and is helpful in maintaining general well-being.

It can relieve the physical symptoms of stress-related diseases and may well assist with immune disorders and provide pain relief by relaxing muscle tension.

It has been shown to be helpful for insomnia, chronic fatigue, raised blood pressure and sleep problems.

At an emotional level, crystal healing can stabilize moods and enhance self-esteem.

At a mental level, it induces clarity and enhances focus. It is used to transform unwanted behaviours, thought patterns and addictions.

At a spiritual level, it creates an acceptance of and harmony with all aspects of being, leading to a more peaceful and centered life.