Hello! I’m Marsha Nichols, founder and driving force behind Zen Healing. As a multifaceted healer, I’ve discovered that my calling is helping others unlock their own potential and live at their highest vibration. I understand that the road to success is made of countless steps, and I’ve made plenty of stops along the way! Certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher (ICRT, CRA-RT), Reflexologist (RCRT), Crystal Healer (ACM, TCH), Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), SRT Practitioner, Sound Therapy Practioner, Sivananda Yoga Teacher, and I'm currently training to become an Aromatherapist.

My personal practice began when my feet first touched the yoga mat in 2006. Through breathing, balance, and movement I was able to deepen my spiritual awareness and develop a greater sense of self. Yoga wasn’t just a part of my life, it was life-giving. By completing my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, I transformed my lifestyle into a livelihood, making it my mission to promote yoga’s incredible healing properties.

But why limit myself to just one ancient healing practice? Using yoga as a jumping-off point, I have spent years immersing myself in reiki, crystal therapy, reflexology, and Bach Flower Remedies. A lifelong student in both my personal and professional lives, I approach each modality with a genuine desire to help others along their own spiritual and wellness journey.  

The two things I bring to every healing session are authenticity and empathy. I understand the daily struggles my clients face because I’ve faced them-- and continue to face them-- myself. As your guide, I meet you where you’re at and take the time to empower you in your individual wellness goals. Despite my certifications and training, at the end of each day, I’m only here to facilitate the process. My greatest joy is the moment my clients realize they’ve been their own healer all along.

When I’m not working with my clients, I’m probably practicing Reiki on my Boston Terriers, or brushing up on crystal healing spreads and learning a new modality to serve you better. Outside the studio, you can catch me exploring local waterways on my Stand Up Paddleboard, or searching for (literal) hidden gems at my favourite crystal shops.